About us


When former Royal Marine Commando Rob Montgomerie founded BIA Fitness, his goal was to inspire people to Get fit and Stay fit. We understand that not everyone has the help, support and encouragement that soldiers like Rob have had. We know it’s hard to find the time and motivation to reach your fitness goals.

BIA Fitness are here to help you on your own personal fitness journey by working together with our customers to overcome these barriers to fitness. We design and manufacture our own unique range of fitness products that cleverly combine simplicity of design with versatility of use.

For us it’s not about the way you look or the size you are it’s about being fit to feel good and to realise your potential. Like all our products to come, our launch product, the BIAbox™ saves you money, space and time and inspires you to do more. So get into the BIA way of thinking.

Get fit. Stay fit.



Every thing we do at BIA Fitness is done for a reason, including our name. Bia is the ancient mythological Greek Goddess who is the personification of bodily strength, force and raw energy. We think these are pretty good principles to base our company on, and thats why we use Bia's name in our products as well.



Becoming a Commando

Serving in the Marines


Our founder Rob started off his military carreer by joining the Royal Marines at the age of 16. He has since served in the RAF and the Army in his 17 years of service, but the Commando Spirit of the Royal Marines; Courage, Determination, Unselfishness, and Cheerfulness in the face of adversity has always remained with Rob, and he has brought these values with him into BIA Fitness.



Rob has served around the globe, with all three services of the British Military, and we thought we would include some photos of him over the last 17 years