Mark 'Spike' Russell, owner of Focus Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

"Here at focus martial arts and fitness centre our focus is fitness, functionality and general well-being for the mind and body. BIAbox ticks the box (no pun intended) because it works, the extensive exercise list that can be done on the BIAbox can be simple to intensive, easy to challenging. The graphics are a great visual help and reminder. We have athletes who couldn't live without their new found friend "the BIAbox" and then there's our first time triers who are amazed at how much can be achieved on one simple box. It truly isn't just a box its a saviour !!!"



Sarah Grigor, owner of Bodyfit by SLG

"At Bodyfit by SLG I’m always looking for new ways to push my clients and keep the fun and interest in their personal training sessions while still reaching important fitness goals. The BIAbox fits with my training ethos where own bodyweight exercises and functional training are paramount to overall strength, health, conditioning and wellbeing. I never expect my clients to undertake any exercises that I can’t do myself so I use to BIAbox frequently as part of my own training programme. I have noticed huge increases in my own strength and improvements in my shape and development which to me, speaks volumes about the ability of the BIAbox to really shake up both a training programme and muscular confusion which can only ever be positive and beneficial!"

Bodyfit by SLG


Martin Bain, traffic manager for McPherson Ltd

"I've had my BIAbox since January this year & currently use it 2 or 3 times a week in my own personal gym or garage as it's known to everyone else in the family! I try to use it for between in 30 to 60 minutes at a time & try to do as much of the different exercises as I can. I'm now really noticing an improvement in my strength & stamina as a result of using my BIAbox & can do the exercises more like they are done in the demonstration videos than I could when I first started using it. I've also been lucky enough to have had some one to one sessions with Rob (inventor) who's pointed me in the right direction to getting even more from my BIAbox & am only too happy to tell others how great I think it is!"


Martin good


Amanda Willox

"Received the BIAbox in January and it has been a welcome addition to my sitting room! What a fantastic piece of kit. I found it easy to use (even for a beginner like me) and the clear pictorial instructions make for an easy workout design. My 12 year old daughter uses it for her gymnastic training where it's helping her develop her full splits. Favourite for me is the inclined push up. Would highly recommend this as a must have piece of equipment. Also makes a fantastic coffee table!!!"



Mikey Chandler - RAF helicopter crewman

"The purchase of a BIAbox in February has changed my fitness around for the better. It is a gym in a box! I used to struggle to get to the gym some days and get a circuit done but now, once I am home I can get a full body workout. It's easy to use & portable which means I can exercise and get a tan at the same time! Truly awesome bit of kit, rated 5 stars in my opinion"