BIAbox™ is a total body workout at your fingertips


BIAbox™ is the multi-use strength & fitness product that allows you to perform 40+ different bodyweight exercises in 1.

It's incredibly versatile, yet refreshingly simple because BIAbox™ requires no complicated set up or adjustment.

BIAbox™ has a huge range of exercises: from simple movements If you've just starting your fitness journey, to challenging if you're more advanced.

BIAbox™ has new workout ideas printed onto its surface to inspire you. We've also added mobile device compatible NFC tags and QR codes, that give you immediate access to loads of extra instructional videos: so there is no chance of you losing motivation!


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40+ different exercises in 1 compact product


BIAmat is a shock absorbing and deep cushioning foam mat designed to be used in conjunction with the BIAbox™.

BIAmat cushions the body where it meets the floor during the 'core' focused exercises and provides another surface to illustrate more exercises to help motivate and inspire you. It has all the same interactive features of the BIAbox™ and cleverly fits within the frame against the green panel to store away.

BIAmat is made of 15mm closed cell foam, so its much thicker than other mats and offers a higher level of comfort. It's also much firmer than other mats which eliminates frustrating bunching and folding during use.


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Every inch of the BIAbox is functional and has been designed with the single purpose of helping you get fitter.



The BIA-sled converter is a simple kit that allows you to push or pull up to 140kg of Olympic disk weights, turning your BIAbox into a weighted sled in under 30 seconds.

Weighted sled pushing and pulling is a fantastic way to add variation to your training program. Driving a weighted sled is a total body workout in itself, working the arms, core and legs. Varying the weight changes the resistance and lets you dictate the difficulty. BIA-sled is suitable for use on tarmac, concrete, carpet, artifical grass, and dry short grass.

BIA-sled is estimated to be available in the summer.